Seasons Change

February is almost over!

Winter is winding down, and soon, spring will be in the air.  Spring is one of my favorite times.  The grass comes back, the trees no longer look like sticks, and we can hear the birds singing again.  Spring reminds us that there is hope, new life and better days coming.  Spring brings with it animals and sunshine and flowers and more outdoor time with friends and family.  Simply put, spring is just a wonderful time!

Sometimes we are stuck in a cold, dark place.  The nights are long, and daylight seems to fade so quickly.  Hope seems so distant.  We all go through periods of life like this.  It is so refreshing when spring comes, and the “winter” season of our life begins to fade.  For some, life takes us to a better place, or new friends, experiences, or hobbies can help us see the “spring”.  For others, “winter” turns to death, and passing from this life to the next without our physical bodies sets us free.  For those of us who have placed our trust and belief in Jesus Christ, this is a glorious day!

Spring is great.  It reminds us that in this life or in the one to come, life will be better soon.  Isn’t it great how God created seasons in the weather to help us understand life better?  I’m tired of winter.  I’m so excited spring is coming!

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